Long run in freezing cold wind

Oh my!

Today´s run started great. Sometimes I have not decided in advance how long a run will be – and today was just like that. Being away from the familiar streets at home, I find it hard to plan my runs. The fact that I have had a shitty summer, training wise, makes it even harder to plan for the long runs. My longest run so far after this long brake has been a 13K, on September 8th, and usually I don´t try to stretch the distance more than 1K at the time – per week.

Today I broke my rule. Not by that much, but enough.

The first half was easy – I tried to make it slow, and with the wind behind me it felt really good. I was warm and comfy, and the initial idea of maybe running 12-14K, was soon forgotten. I remembered my mother-in-law´s words in August: Maybe you could run all the way to Ekkerøy? She thought that it was approximately a distance of 10K. I never made that run, but suddenly the idea popped into my head: maybe I could do that now?

My feet just went on, and seeing Ekkerøy ahead, was supporting the idea. And after 8,9 km, I got to take a photo by the road sign. I usually never make any stops on my runs, but now I had to – in need of proof to show my mother-in-law. I skipped the last 1K all the way out to the “island”, in need of getting home.


When turning around, the ice cold wind made an instant impact. I closed my running vest soon enough, but I immediately got scared that this would be an uncomfortable journey. And so it was. It is really hard to run up against the wind here in Varanger, it is strong and cold – and my runkeeper reported the average pace drop from 5:26 at the turning point, adding 1 sec to the average every 500m. In the end I was happy to even run: I was so cold, my thighs were freezing, and my ankles and wrists felt bitten by frost. I might be exaggerating a bit, but anyhow: it was tough to finish this run. But I did make it all the way home.


As you can see, the pace dropped to an average of 5:39. This means that the second half had an average pace of 5:52. Not very fast, but I am really happy to complete today´s run actually running!

Back in the house, I jumped in the shower to get warm. I got so hungry that I started eating my dinner even before sitting down:


3 hours later I now feel good. My uncertainties regarding the 16K run in Porto, Portugal, on November 2nd kind of went away. I am still not strong enough to go back to my initial plan: running the 16K at an even 5:00-pace. But at least now I know I will be able to complete the race. The next weeks are crucial for building up my capacity again. I can not skip my training, and I do need to add some strengthening exercises. I will.

Have a good night, good people. If you read this, feel free to leave a comment. Looking foreword to hear from you, and please tell me about your own struggles and victories 😀



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