Struggling with the Weather conditions

I have to admit: my small complaints about the rough wind in my monday run was kind of stupid.

Yesterday I had planned a good tempo run – not more than up to 8K, was the idea. The weather has gone bad over the last couple of days, but I never thought it would mean more than maybe cutting the length a bit. Hah!

I waited the longest I could, in case the wind would lay off a bit, but in the afternoon – before dark sets in – I had to make my move. Putting on my running gear – more clothes than the other day, due to the conditions – I decided to really give it a good try.

Failure. Total failure.

I started up against the wind, didn´t dare to try the other way in case I would never make it home again. The first few meters I just laughed inside, I almost did not move foreword. Then the wind hit for real, and so did the rain. And that became the real issue: the rain. It whipped my face so bad that I just could´t take it.

After 500 meters, I just turned and went back home. I got out my phone to film the sea – to give you an impression on what the conditions were like, but the film is somehow in a wrong format – any tips on how to post videoclips made on iPhone on this blog will be most appreciated!

Today it is getting better by the hour, the sun is almost out now.  I´ll just have some lunch, and cross my fingers that I´ll be able to get a good run done in a couple of hours.



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