Busy busy!

Many days since last post. I left Varanger on saturday to return back home to Oslo and my family. It was really nice to be picked up at the airport by my husband after 10 days away. Training wise it´s been too long – since my short run on thursday, I have not been able to find the time until last night:  at 9:30 p.m. I jumped into my training gear and went out into the dark night. It felt so good. Since I came home, my hubby and I has been working on the courtyard – preparing for laying stones. It´s a big and heavy job. Tomorrow the stones arrive, so I am kind of scared there will be no time for running before dark. Hopefully I´ll still have some energy left in the evening to make it into my Asics Gel Kayano and do the long run that I feel I need to.

Yesterday´s run was a not so planned one – you know the ones where you are not sure on what to do, you just get out there and see what happens. I ended up doing a 10K, not too fast,  not all that easy. I started off doing the first 5K at an average of 5:20 per K, but the next 2K the over all average went down to 5:12. Checking my RunKeeper later, I was pleased to find that the 7th K was done in 4:57min – reminding med of my pre-injurie speed. I have not told you yet about what happened last summer, that will take a while and needs to be a post of it´s own.

Please follow mehappyrunning on Instagram as well
Please follow mehappyrunning on Instagram as well




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