No time to play, makes MeHappyRunning a dull girl.

Well. No time to train, that is. My only comfort is that today´s work on paving the courtyard is close to being the physically hardest job I´ve ever done. OMG, my body feels like it´s been run over by a car. No not a car, a big truck!

I was hoping to be able to go for a long & slow run after dark, but we ended up eating dinner  too late and too much. Adding my aching body,  and yes: I chickened out.

Tomorrow is another day with physical labour, but tomorrow evening I have my weekly training with a group of runners, doing intervals. Looking foreword to it. And on top of that, me and my hubby are going to an Elvis Costello concert later in the evening tomorrow. All together a busy day, but I am really happy about it. Will let you know how my interval training goes 😉

Any pictures today? No running, hence no fresh pictures. But I´ll share an old one – taken at my first ever 10K in september 2011. Finished the race in 58:29, and look how happy I was half way through. No wonder I´m the Happygirl!

Oslo Marathon 2011 - my first ever 10K
Oslo Marathon 2011 – my first ever 10K



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