Back on track – ?

I have to admit, last week was tough.

Sunday: race day, 16K
Monday: spending hours traveling back home
Tuesday morning: running to work, 14K
Thursday: a pretty hard interval session, followed by some strength work
Friday: trying to run to work, but after 2,5K I jumped on a train, and off again with 2,5K left, leaving me with only running 5K. Feeling utterly tired, aching body, stressed mind (lots to do at work)
Saturday: Wanting to go for a slow long run, but realizing I need to rest
Sunday: taking another rest day to make sure I was ready to get back on track

So now it is 5.30 am monday morning. Breakfast is done, and I´ll be in my shoes in 45 minutes to run to work. My plan is to stick to these monday – wednesday – friday runs for the weeks to come, adding intervals on thursdays and a couple of strength sessions during the week. I also need one more quality run, but with busy weekends to come (it´s getting closer to christmas, people!) I need to know that my mileage will be covered with this plan.

I surely need to get back on track, but this little brake forced itself on me. Hopefully these few days was enough. I feel a wee bit worried and tired, still.  Post Porto Blues?

Have a nice day, good people. Go Run, Run Happy!




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