…and then, too many days later:

Back on the blog, back on track. I hope. After my race in Porto, I felt so empty, but managed to stick to my training all the way through nov/dec – until christmas vacation. First day off work, I woke up with a terrible cold, and the next three weeks turned crap. Don´t get me wrong – christmas was wonderful, spending time with my hubby, my mother-in-law in Kiby (Vadsø/Varanger), my parents in Tromsø – and my sister and her family, also in Tromsø. Great family time, but no running for three weeks is NOT a good feeling. Form is fresh. Not kidding.

But finally – January 8th I started my way back into my training plan. I am not yet back to 50K per week, but getting close – I did it last week, but this week has been too busy. The weather conditions is not making it any easier – the temperature is going up and down all the time, one day the snow is coming down heavy, the next day mild weather, then cold again – making it almost impossible to stay on your feet. I´ve had a couple of morning runs to work (14K) that has been really hard, both physically and mentally.

Running in spite of conditions can make you feel on top of the world (although really tired;))
Running in spite of conditions can make you feel on top of the world (although really tired;))

Today I did intervals with the regular gang from Friskis & Svettis – and it felt great. 4 x 3min uphill. I kind of hate that hill, but love being able to push through. And afterwords, hitting the hot shower before being served a nice dinner – I love my hubby!

I do think I´m back. I am pretty sure I´m back. I know I´m back. My head is now again spinning on where to travel next – maybe the Berlin half spring 2016? I will be running a 10K in Oslo in April (Sentrumsløpet) and a half marathon in Oslo in September – but I need to plan for another trip abroad. I really want to figure out if I will be able to finish a full Marathon in 2016, but I kind of have my heart set on Berlin – and how does one qualify for Berlin, when it is your first full marathon? Please let me know, if you have any tip on the matter.

Now I am tired, but happy. And it feels good to be back on the blog, as well. This might not be such an interesting post, but my heart needed this, as well as my head. I need to run, and I need to write. I do hope you will want stay with me on this blog, and please – do comment. I want to get to know other runners, and would love to know more about YOUR running life.

Berlin, hey? Maybe I will go for it.

Run safe. Run happy.



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