Motivation needed

When you feel that too much “stuff” in your life gets in the way, taking all your time, and you suddenly realizes that a week – maybe two – has passed without running. How do you find motivation to get back out there, and not just quit? I have to admit – the last months has been like a roller coaster. I have been starting up again too many times, and it makes me feel kind of stupid – as if I don´t know how important it is with continuity in my training.

I signed up for the half marathon at Oslo Marathon in September, but that is so many months away. I then signed up for Sentrumsløpet in Oslo in April – a 10K I have run 3 times before, never liked the course but it´s kind of a festive day in the city – but come on: you don´t need much mileage to be able to run a 10K, do you? (if speed is not an issue, I have to add).

I needed more. So this weekend, when an offer from Runner´s World Norway popped up on Facebook, I jumped at it – and signed up for ecoTrail Oslo in May. A new race, mostly for Ultra Runners, but offering a distance of 18K as well. That´s more like it – to run an 18K you need to get your weekly mileage up a bit. And considering that my longest race so far has been the 16K in Porto in November, I think this is a great plan.

I did my intervals on Thursday. I did a slow semi-long run (14K) yesterday. I will pick up my “running-to-work” habit tomorrow morning, as long as I get enough sleep tonight. Let´s see what happens.


Run happy. Run far.



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