Sentrumsløpet? Sad to say, it never happened.

Being off this blog for way too long, I suddenly realised that I actually wrote about Oslo´s “spring adventure” Sentrumsløpet 10K the last time. Well, that was before I had my five-weeks-no-run.
Overall, this has been a crappy winter, and I have only myself to blame. For the first time since 2011, I´ve had a winter with no serious virus infections, no new injuries. I could have made this my best winter ever, but no. Not enough motivation, and a much too busy job, made my plans fall apart. Crap.
If you have read my blog earlier, you probably know that I´ve been running to work a lot – but the distance of 14K, including a serious climb, made it impossible to start up that routine. So when I suddenly realised that I could run just a part of that distance – taking the train the first 6 K, and run only 8K without that much dreaded climb – made me get back out there. Yes!

I skipped the 10 K last saturday, but I am now back. Not on track, but you just have to make other plans. I will be running 18K at EcoTrail Oslo on the 23rd of May, and although I will not be able to push hard for those 18K, I will be able to finish – 4 weeks of steady training will get me through this. And the next chapter – my first half marathon in september – will not be as strong as I intended. But sticking to my new training plan, building myself up again, will make me able to run decent enough. I hope. My goal was to run a 1.45 race, but I will be happy to finish at 1.50-1.52. That is not so bad for a first timer, at 49 years of age.
Still 48, I have to say. My birthday is in July, and will be celebrated with a long run and a glass of champagne 😉

I have really been struggling with motivation this winter – ever since my 16K in Porto. I really don´t know why – I would have guessed that running abroad would give me inspiration and even stronger motivation. For some reason it gave me a feeling of emptiness that lasted for a really long time. If anyone can explain that to me, go ahead – I need to figure it out!

Not running Sentrumsløpet, but I picked up my bib and checked out the offers, and went home with a new watch – the TOMTOM Runner Cardio. So far I think it is money well spent. Easy to use, easy to log my activity. Brilliant.

I love my new TOMTOM <3
I love my new TOMTOM ❤

It is Sunday evening, and i really want to stretch the weekend a bit, but hey – I will be running my shorter way to work tomorrow morning, so I´d better call it a night. Remember – run short or long, but alway run happy!



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