I am a young 48-year old, or so I like to believe.  I have two kids, a 17 year old girl and a 15 year old boy. They are my world, running is just adding to the flavors in life. I am married to a wonderful man who is not the kids dad, but he has been their father for the last 13 years – being a solid part of our lives, and my rock.

I have been running and NOT running since 2011, and I am dreaming of a chance to be healthy and not injured for more than a few weeks or months at the time.

I used to run track when I was a kid, but had to leave the sport due to bad knees. At the age of 16 I gave up, the pain I experienced was too bad. I went to see medical doctors and physiotherapists on several occasions over a period of 30 years, but no answers to what was wrong with my knees.

In 2011 I started to run a little bit in spite of the pain. I decided to run short distances, mostly within the range of 5K, limited to 8K, in training, and 10K in races. I entered the 10K in Oslo Marathon in September 2011, and made it to the finish line in 58:22. Not bad, I thought, feeling kind of proud – at that time I had not been training a lot. This gave me a push, and I managed to train a bit more the following months. I finished Sentrumsløpet 10K in Oslo April 2012 in 51:29. Over the summer I managed to train almost regularly, but three weeks ahead of Oslo Marathon 2012 I hurt my knees at a handball exercise I had to take part in as a part of a training course in handball – the most stupid thing. The pain was really bad, and I was sure I had no chance to meet my goal: finishing the 10K (10 for Grete) under 50 minutes. Until the race day, I was not sure I would make it to the start. But I did. I was thrilled to receive my new PB as a text to my cellphone: 48:59. Oh so happy!

The following period I had to seek some help for my son, who had just started training track and field in Tjalve – he got severe knee pain, and I was not happy. A good friend recommended a Manual Therapist at NIMI (Norsk Idrettsmedisinsk Institutt – Norwegian Institute of Sports Medicine), Robert Skotheim. Robert immediately figured out what my sons problem was. I then took my daughter to see him, and he used only 5 minutes to find a deficiency in her neck. I was so impressed, and made a reservation  for my self. This was a smart move. Robert used 15 minutes, then he said: “I know what is wrong with your knees, and it is easy to fix. We can use sport´s tape.” I did not believe my own ears. What? He continued: “We´ll use a strict regime with the tape: you need to use it 24-7 for 2 weeks, after that only when running. Poor thing, this is the most painful pain one can have in the knees.” I almost cried.

For the next two weeks I used Strappall sport´s tape all the time. My skin got really soar, to the point where I was bleeding – but the inflammation went down. I have Hoffa´s syndrome with inflammation in the cushions that are supposed to soften the impact to the knees when running. My knee caps are “loose” so I need to strengthen the muscles supporting the knee caps – mostly the Vastus Medialis.

On my first run after Robert taped my knees I could clearly feel the difference. Something felt more stabile and somehow soothing. Over the next days my runs got more and more pain free. It was wonderful, pure bliss!

But then came other challenges – viruses, injuries, new viruses. Stories to be told later.





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