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Whatever am I doing?

How did I ever decide to run 2500K in 2016!!?? Oh my. I am overwhelmed by a strong feeling of “this can never be done by me, I can never do this”. Then I calculate again, and find that it is possible, after all.

I have to laugh – only 3 -4 days have passed since I set (one of) my goal(s) for 2016, and I am already doubtful.  But let´s see what I have done so far – on the first 4 days of this year?

January 2nd – 16K
January 4th – 12K

This adds up to 28K over the first 4 days. If we divide 2500K with 366 days (since there are 29 days in February this year) I need to run 6,83K per day, on average. 4 days equals 27,32K. I am right on schedule, and with absolute no stress. Hey, it´s only been 4 days, mostly weekend, so how ever could this be stressful!? I just need to be confident that I will be able to find enough time during the work week, and if so, this is possible.

I need to focus on why I set this goal: I want to find a way to make sure I don´t drop out after small setbacks. I need to get back into the game real quick after colds or other interruptions in my plans. One week off is OK, sometimes even two weeks can be necessary, but the way I usually fall out for maybe 4-5 weeks, is totally messing things up. With this goal, I will add 10-20K some weeks, and then get ahead of schedule, making room for the necessary pauses that most likely will be needed – due to illness, aches and pains, holidays etc.

My main goal is therefor not really the 2500K in 2016, but the steady work of building form and strength through consistency. The number is merely my dangling carrot.

And now it is 89 days until the Berlin half. I am getting a bit excited now – I might not manage to PR with 10 minutes, as originally planned for, but I will find some kind of speed and strength before the race, that I am sure of. If anyone reading this blog is planning for Berlin on April 3rd, please let me know!

Today´s run? It was cold and slow. This winter has been so “warm” up to now, with few days sub zero. Usually I kind of enjoy running in minus 10 -12 degrees celcius, but today I felt all frozen at minus 7. I should have added another layer – my winter tights from Adidas was clearly not warm enough today. I had planned for a bit shorter run with maybe some speed work added, but I could not bring myself to push hard – I was so cold that it might have led to injury. So I took it easy, added a couple of Ks and that is that. Jumping in the shower, and being served dinner by my hubby afterwords, felt wonderful. Starting good, this year. I might get optimistic, if this continues 😉

I hope you have plans, goals and dreams, and will try to achieve something special this year. Maybe not very special for others, but for yourself. This is what running means to me, at least – my own progress, the struggle to make it fit into everyday life, the joy when you sometimes get that wonderful feeling of speed and endurance – when you feel that you can go on forever and ever. I love it. I bet you do too.

Run happy, people. See you soon. Maybe in Berlin?






New Year, let´s go!

Dear reader. Happy New Year! May 2016 be the year your dreams will develop and grow. Fulfillment is never the only way ❤

I spent 2 hours running yesterday – 2 hours with my thoughts drifting off, laying plans, thinking back. What has happened in 2015? The underlying feeling is that I have missed out on all my goals – I wanted to train consistently and strong, to get to be as strong as before my injury in 2013, and even stronger. If that is all, I have failed completely. Still, when thinking back: I have run my first two half marathons. Not fast, not pushing hard, but I did it. And considering how little training done ahead of those races, I should be pretty pleased with my performance.

Motivation is everything. After the second half marathon I signed up for Berlin Half in April 2016, and 23 weeks before Berlin I started a training plan that was supposed to bring me back to my old speed and strength. I was highly motivated, did my morning runs happy as ever, and could feel the steady effort paying off. Just a few weeks out in the program I got a bad cold, and had to stop running. I hoped for just a week off, but suddenly two weeks had passed and I was still not feeling well. Since then, I have been running less, not pushing myself, no plan and no structure. I have just taken a run now and then, to keep on moving. What the hell happened?

Yesterday, on new year´s, I went out to run the last run of this year. I did not decide how far, but thought I might exceed the couple of 16K runs I did earlier this christmas. After a while I decided on 20K. A good number for the last day of the year.

2 mil på nyttår
On such a day, it is hard not to start laying plans for the coming year, and so I did. My head started spinning on the major challenges of my running life: how to get the much needed consistency in my training. How do I find the motivation to get back on track after any kind of stop in my training? If I get a cold, and the brake gets too long, the problem grows because I cannot make myself get back to the program as soon as possible.

Ok, I got it. I will try to make my goals more long termed. I will run a minimum of 2500K in 2016. This means that I have to run an average of 50K for 50 weeks, and have only 2 weeks for “that annual cold”. And, for being able to cut down on mileage on holidays, I have to do the 60K and 70K weeks that I need to build my capacity as much as I want.

Can I do this? Is this a too tall order for a much-too-busy woman in the year of her 50th birthday? I have no idea. But the idea came during a 20K run, while enjoying myself, so my instinct are – hell yeah, let´s do it!

So listen, good people. I will run a minimum of 2500K in 2016. Please check in regularly to see how I am doing.

What are YOUR plans for 2016? Please let me know, and I will cheer you on!

Happy New Year – and always run happy!

Happy new year


And just as I was about to feel strong…

…I got a bad cold. Goddammit. Thursday was ok, had some “sensations” in my throat and felt that my eyes were a bit too shiny. I was still able to do my intervals, and feeling good about them as well. Saturday my body felt a bit worse, but I still got out to do my long & slow, and was able to put in 16K. My problem was that last week´s not so good start had me lacking 12K at the end of Saturday. So I planned for a session in the office on Sunday, and running there, to complete my 50K week.

But no.

Sunday morning I was not able to even think about running to the office. I skipped the office completely, in fact. The weather forecast said that the season´s first snow would come, so I had to do some tidying up outside – moving terrace furniture into the garage and stuff – but that was as far as it went. Other than that, I tried to relax as much as I could, to see if my body would recover.

But no.

Monday morning, feeling crap. Realizing that running was not an option, probably for the whole week. Tuesday morning, almost no sleep, feeling even worse. So now I need to change my plan a bit, and postpone the increase of milage planned for the week after next. The changes will probably not be very significant for the end result in April, but when it comes to continuity and the motivation that lies in such, I find it depressingly so. Significant, that is. For now I keep my fingers crossed that this pause will be for one week only. I want to run. Haven´t skipped an interval session for weeks now, so I don´t know how to let my buddies know. Hey, maybe they´ll read my blog 😉

It has been a few awful days, I have to say. My cold is nothing compared to the happenings in Paris on Friday. I have friends in the same neighborhood that the dreadful terror attacks happened. My friends are ok, but my heart cannot stop crying for all the lives that are lost and the families that are broken. Waking up on Saturday to the horror numbers was surreal. My beloved Paris, what was happening? I will go back there as soon as possible, to live my life free of anxiety and fear. I will go to concerts and cafés, and maybe join the Marathon. What this tragedy will do to the world and it´s dynamics, noone knows for now. But I am worried.

When you run, you have time to solve the issues of everyday life. You can think, rethink, and discover new truths many times during a long run. Maybe if more people were running, the world would be a less cruel place? More running shoes, less weapons.

I don´t know. But I know for sure that I will keep running, and I will always love Paris.

Never stop living. Always run happy. Let´s try to live happy as well.



The pleasure of a good run

After this week´s 2 crappy sessions, I was in no way sure on how I would handle today´s task – finishing a long, slow 16-18K.

Oh, the pleasure! I ran 11K before I turned to go back home, and only the last 3K felt hard. I managed to keep a somewhat steady slow pace, and clocked in at an average of 5:55/km. This is slower than my usual long runs, so I am pleased with that – it might sound strange, but my usual problem has been to not differentiate enough in speed.

Seeing the map, I realize how long a distance 22 K actually is. Feeling good about this.
Seeing the map, I realize how long the distance of 22K actually is. Feeling good about this. Actually, feeling GREAT about this 😉
Good distance, long duration, good slow pace and a hole lot of calories! My darling hubby made lunch while I was in the shower - what a man!
Good distance, long duration, good slow pace and a whole lot of calories! My darling hubby made lunch while I was in the shower – what a man ❤  I never focus on calories, but I sure felt hungry after this run.

The feeling from Wednesday, when every meter was a struggle, was gone. Now I just ran, and didn´t even think much about it. I am so happy – I was a bit scared to experience another crappy run this week, and worried about what that would do to my motivation. Now I feel calm and collected, and ready to move on.

I need to lay plans for the next 7 weeks – it will be important to get plenty of mileage to build capacity to run my next race strong. The race is in september, but in July/August I will spend 3 weeks on summer holiday, and I am sure it will be difficult to get enough training done when the weather is hot, and the family is lazy 😉 I get lazy too, you know!

So the next 7 weeks are important, and again – after the holiday there will be another 6 weeks before the race. I need to do some hard work to accomplish what I want – to run a sub 1:50 half marathon on my first try. For a (kind of) old girl like me that would be wonderful, I think. I am not sure I will get there, but for now I would like to focus on trying.

If you have any tip for me, please comment. If you want to support my efforts, please comment. If you have run long (and maybe even strong) today, please comment. I did not run all that strong today, but I did what I set out to do, and that makes me feel great!

Run long, short, strong or slow – but alway run happy!