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And just as I was about to feel strong…

…I got a bad cold. Goddammit. Thursday was ok, had some “sensations” in my throat and felt that my eyes were a bit too shiny. I was still able to do my intervals, and feeling good about them as well. Saturday my body felt a bit worse, but I still got out to do my long & slow, and was able to put in 16K. My problem was that last week´s not so good start had me lacking 12K at the end of Saturday. So I planned for a session in the office on Sunday, and running there, to complete my 50K week.

But no.

Sunday morning I was not able to even think about running to the office. I skipped the office completely, in fact. The weather forecast said that the season´s first snow would come, so I had to do some tidying up outside – moving terrace furniture into the garage and stuff – but that was as far as it went. Other than that, I tried to relax as much as I could, to see if my body would recover.

But no.

Monday morning, feeling crap. Realizing that running was not an option, probably for the whole week. Tuesday morning, almost no sleep, feeling even worse. So now I need to change my plan a bit, and postpone the increase of milage planned for the week after next. The changes will probably not be very significant for the end result in April, but when it comes to continuity and the motivation that lies in such, I find it depressingly so. Significant, that is. For now I keep my fingers crossed that this pause will be for one week only. I want to run. Haven´t skipped an interval session for weeks now, so I don´t know how to let my buddies know. Hey, maybe they´ll read my blog 😉

It has been a few awful days, I have to say. My cold is nothing compared to the happenings in Paris on Friday. I have friends in the same neighborhood that the dreadful terror attacks happened. My friends are ok, but my heart cannot stop crying for all the lives that are lost and the families that are broken. Waking up on Saturday to the horror numbers was surreal. My beloved Paris, what was happening? I will go back there as soon as possible, to live my life free of anxiety and fear. I will go to concerts and cafés, and maybe join the Marathon. What this tragedy will do to the world and it´s dynamics, noone knows for now. But I am worried.

When you run, you have time to solve the issues of everyday life. You can think, rethink, and discover new truths many times during a long run. Maybe if more people were running, the world would be a less cruel place? More running shoes, less weapons.

I don´t know. But I know for sure that I will keep running, and I will always love Paris.

Never stop living. Always run happy. Let´s try to live happy as well.




Persistence is everything

Another crappy training session. My interval buddies this evening – not so many in numbers – could witness a Happyrunner in slow motion 😉 Good to get it over and done with, and you know what? Those crappy training sessions are the best and most important ones. The ones you should never skip.
Don´t get me wrong – I think it is ok to skip a session if you are really tired – you need restitution if you have pushed your body too hard. But this week, I ran my 18K ECO trail Oslo on Saturday, and then rested for 3 days. That is plenty. I am really pleased to get two crappy sessions done yesterday and this evening. It´s a dirty job but someone´s gotta do it 😉 And when it comes to running, you need to do the job yourself, that´s for sure!

Still happy, still running. Crappy happy running! 😉

How happy can you get from running? This is me, spotting an old friend with a camera, back in 2011 - running my first ever race, the 10K in Oslo Marathon. Good memories :-D
How happy does running make you? This is me, seeing an old friend with a camera, back in 2011 – running my first ever race, the 10K in Oslo Marathon. Good fun.


Motivation needed

When you feel that too much “stuff” in your life gets in the way, taking all your time, and you suddenly realizes that a week – maybe two – has passed without running. How do you find motivation to get back out there, and not just quit? I have to admit – the last months has been like a roller coaster. I have been starting up again too many times, and it makes me feel kind of stupid – as if I don´t know how important it is with continuity in my training.

I signed up for the half marathon at Oslo Marathon in September, but that is so many months away. I then signed up for Sentrumsløpet in Oslo in April – a 10K I have run 3 times before, never liked the course but it´s kind of a festive day in the city – but come on: you don´t need much mileage to be able to run a 10K, do you? (if speed is not an issue, I have to add).

I needed more. So this weekend, when an offer from Runner´s World Norway popped up on Facebook, I jumped at it – and signed up for ecoTrail Oslo in May. A new race, mostly for Ultra Runners, but offering a distance of 18K as well. That´s more like it – to run an 18K you need to get your weekly mileage up a bit. And considering that my longest race so far has been the 16K in Porto in November, I think this is a great plan.

I did my intervals on Thursday. I did a slow semi-long run (14K) yesterday. I will pick up my “running-to-work” habit tomorrow morning, as long as I get enough sleep tonight. Let´s see what happens.


Run happy. Run far.


…and then, too many days later:

Back on the blog, back on track. I hope. After my race in Porto, I felt so empty, but managed to stick to my training all the way through nov/dec – until christmas vacation. First day off work, I woke up with a terrible cold, and the next three weeks turned crap. Don´t get me wrong – christmas was wonderful, spending time with my hubby, my mother-in-law in Kiby (Vadsø/Varanger), my parents in Tromsø – and my sister and her family, also in Tromsø. Great family time, but no running for three weeks is NOT a good feeling. Form is fresh. Not kidding.

But finally – January 8th I started my way back into my training plan. I am not yet back to 50K per week, but getting close – I did it last week, but this week has been too busy. The weather conditions is not making it any easier – the temperature is going up and down all the time, one day the snow is coming down heavy, the next day mild weather, then cold again – making it almost impossible to stay on your feet. I´ve had a couple of morning runs to work (14K) that has been really hard, both physically and mentally.

Running in spite of conditions can make you feel on top of the world (although really tired;))
Running in spite of conditions can make you feel on top of the world (although really tired;))

Today I did intervals with the regular gang from Friskis & Svettis – and it felt great. 4 x 3min uphill. I kind of hate that hill, but love being able to push through. And afterwords, hitting the hot shower before being served a nice dinner – I love my hubby!

I do think I´m back. I am pretty sure I´m back. I know I´m back. My head is now again spinning on where to travel next – maybe the Berlin half spring 2016? I will be running a 10K in Oslo in April (Sentrumsløpet) and a half marathon in Oslo in September – but I need to plan for another trip abroad. I really want to figure out if I will be able to finish a full Marathon in 2016, but I kind of have my heart set on Berlin – and how does one qualify for Berlin, when it is your first full marathon? Please let me know, if you have any tip on the matter.

Now I am tired, but happy. And it feels good to be back on the blog, as well. This might not be such an interesting post, but my heart needed this, as well as my head. I need to run, and I need to write. I do hope you will want stay with me on this blog, and please – do comment. I want to get to know other runners, and would love to know more about YOUR running life.

Berlin, hey? Maybe I will go for it.

Run safe. Run happy.


Kind of blue, kind of loose.

Ouch. With one week left, I am starting to get nervous about my 16K in Porto. Luckily I have already decided on my training this week – see the page on training weeks 41-44 – and just by having a look at my plan I calmed down. Tomorrow morning I will run to work, just as any other monday morning.

A bigger problem is the ache and pain the test of my new light-weighters have given me – yesterday I avoided any kind of shoes completely. Let´s just say I have an issue with a toe nail. Kind of blue, kind of loose. Not a good title for a blog post only a week before a race.

But really – this race isn´t that important to me when it comes to results. Early June, I was thinking of sub 1:20, but with me collapsing from the heat in July, I am in no shape to keep up an even 5:00/km-pace for that long. So this year, I will not make myself feel bad about not running fast, as long as I run. Next year, I will aim for a sub 1:45 half marathon – although I have never ever run a half marathon before. This year, I am just getting back into shape, trying to stay healthy.

I should probably post a picture of my toe now, but no way. My toes are never a pretty sight, so I will not be so cruel. Let me brag about this week´s running instead:

Week 43 on Runkeeper makes me feel good about the weeks to come.
Week 43 on Runkeeper makes me feel good about the weeks to come.
I loved my new shoes. Now not so sure.
I loved my new shoes. Now not so sure.

I do hope I will be able to keep up the good work when the winter hits us here in Norway – it is hard to dodge all viruses that comes along. I WILL STAY HEALTHY THIS YEAR: I WILL STAY HEALTHY THIS YEAR: I WILL STAY HEALTHY THIS YEAR. Got it?

Hopefully my 14K run tomorrow morning will be doable in spite of the nail issue. But for sure – I will NOT use my Saucony Fastwitch6 tomorrow. They put me in this situation, and I am now probably using my Asics GelKayano20 for the race – to be sure I will make it to the finish line. They are simply the most comfortable shoes.

Still nervous, though. Ouch.



Being right on track

WOW, I feel good! Today I´ve had two really good training sessions – first I ran to work this morning for the second time this week, and this evening I completed a fabulous day with doing an hour with interval training as well.

As you can read on my page about “the next four weeks”, I am now in week 1 of the four. I have managed to run to work two times – first on tuesday, and then again today thursday. It is a distance of 13,5-13,9K, depending on the route, I´ve figured out. The shortest has some tough uphills that was hard early in the morning, the longest has some detours due to roadwork – confusing and a wee bit frustrating. I will probably decide where to run as we go along.

But running almost 14K in the morning – starting at 6:15 am – is not something I am used to. My body is not ready for this so early – too little food, to little energy. I need serious willpower to do this – but my determination to build my mileage will hopefully be sufficient – and give me the stamina I need to get up at 5:15 at least twice a week. I WANT TO DO THIS!

Tuesday Oct 7th:

From tuesday morning - the day of celebrating 3 years of marriage in the evening - ended up with wearing my Asics Gel Kayano to dinner and theater!
From tuesday morning – the day of celebrating 3 years of marriage in the evening – ended up with wearing my Asics Gel Kayano to dinner and theater!

Thursday Oct 9th:

From today´s run - it was raining most of the time, getting soaked. Tired in the end, but managed to stay on a 5:20something pace on an average.
From today´s run – it was raining most of the time, getting soaked. Tired in the end, but managed to stay on a 5:20something pace on an average.

This evening it was time for my Intervals with some people from Friskis & Svettis Oppegård – but only two people (and I) turned up today. Still, we had an excellent workout, my legs were not too fresh, but I managed. A wonderful feeling in the shower afterwords – being worn out and really happy about it!

So for now, this week, I have run a total of 36K so far. With plans on doing an 18K on saturday, I will surpass my goal of 50K. I am super happy, but will not take anything for granted – I still need to get out on saturday and finish that run.

Testing my new light weight shoes for the first time this evening – my Fastwitch shoes from Saucony – I am really excited about this week. I hope to be able to use these shoes on my 16K in Porto – will have to test them out on shorter runs before I go there. Still 24 days left!

My new light weight shoes with just the slightest drop. Feeling really excited getting ready for my 16K in Porto.
My new light weight shoes with just the slightest drop. Feeling really excited getting ready for my 16K in Porto.

It is late and I am going to my Manual Therapist before work tomorrow – my appointment is at 7 am. Will tell you more about him at another time.



10 for Grete i Varanger

Oslo Maraton! En begivenhet man gjerne vil være med på, og som man melder seg på til neste års løp omtrent idét sistemann har gått i mål i årets. I fjor stod jeg over pga skade. Kunne ikke løpe, knapt nok gå, på det tidspunkt. Jeg hadde gledet meg til revansje i år, men sommerens hetebølge slo meg helt ut, og treningen har vært aldeles elendig. Så gleden dempet seg veldig etterhvert som september nærmet seg, og så fikk jeg et knakende godt tilbud: noen dagers opphold i Varanger, i min svigermors hus i fjæra. Fristelsen ble for stor, så her sitter jeg – veldig langt fra Oslo og den folkefesten som alle der opplevde i går. Men: fravær fra Oslo betyr vel ikke at man er forhindret fra å løpe 10 km for Grete? Grete Waitz, min store heltinne i barndommen, som løp fra stort sett alle, og som hadde det mest elskelige vesen. Grete, som gav alt, og som lyktes så til de grader. Selvsagt vil man løpe 10 km for henne – anytime! Så i 16-tiden var det på med treningstøy. Varangervinden krevde adskillig mer bekledning enn Oslos gater i går vil jeg tro, men klær har man nok av. Planla aldri å løpe veldig fort, til det har treningen vært for dårlig i det siste – og jeg ønsker først og fremst å få opp mengden i den perioden jeg er inne i nå – men gjennomførte helt greit på 53:35. Motvind er tungt. I går var det relativt lite vind her, men sterkere enn jeg normalt trener i hjemme i Oslo. Hadde jeg hatt denne motvinden hjemme, hadde jeg blitt sutrete. Her må man bare tåle det! Vinden løyer stort sett om kvelden, men da er det for mørkt langs veiene – det er kun gatelys ved bebyggelse, og det er lange strekk uten lys. Selv om jeg har kjøpt meg splitter ny refleksvest fra Craft, føles det utrygt å løpe i veikanten i stummende mørke. Løpeturene må derfor tas på dagtid – men når man har skriveopphold i Varanger er det jo null problem. Så kan man heller gjøre arbeidet på kvelden, og kanskje legge inn en styrkeøkt dann og vann. Jeg er for dårlig til å trene øvelsene mine, det innrømmer jeg lett. Og det er nok et eget kapittel på denne bloggen – nødvendigheten av å trene styrke både pga gammel kneproblematikk, og fjorårets skade. Tilbake til vinden: det man taper på farten i motvinden, tjenes ikke inn når man snur og får vinden i ryggen. Altså er det hardt å løpe lange turer under disse forholdene. Jeg gir meg selv derfor privilegiet å løpe noe kortere turer mens jeg er her, enn jeg ville ha løpt hjemme i Oslo. Tror likevel at effekten er vel så stor – for her må man virkelig sparke fra med bena for å bevege seg framover med vinden i mot. Og selv om det er tungt, er nytelsen med å oppleve naturen på nært hold så utrolig stor – jeg er fullstendig forelsket i Varanger og Kibyfjæra. Ta turen hit om du får sjansen! Me