English version of my first two posts

I started this blog in norwegian, but soon enough got visitors from other parts of the world. Exciting! I switched to english instantly, but my two first entries are in norwegian. Here are the english versions, if you are interested 🙂 :

The 10K for Grete (published in Norwegian September 21st, 2014)

Oslo Marathon! A happening everyone wants to take part in, and one you pay the entrance fee to for next year as soon as the last person has crossed the finish line THIS year.

Last year I was injured and had to see the hold thing as a bystander and cheerer. I could not run, I could barely walk normally at that point. This year I´ve been looking foreword to kick back, but with a summer with close to no training, my excitement kind of eased out. The heat of this summer was too much for me – I  got stomach problems and struggled with dehydration. With September coming closer, I got an offer I could not refuse: a stay at my mother-in-law´s house in Varanger. The temptation became too big, and here I am – far away from Oslo and the festivities all runners joined in at yesterday.

But: Not being in Oslo, does not mean one cannot join in on the event somehow. To celebrate and honor my childhood hero Grete Waitz can be done everywhere and anytime. So, as the clock approached 4 pm yesterday, I got ready for a run. I put on a lot more clothes than needed in the streets of Oslo, since the weather and wind is completely different from the south of Norway. I never planned to run fast, due to the lack of consistency in my training over the summer – I first and foremost want to increase my mileage these days. I finished at 53:35 – not all bad, going solo and up against the wind.

Running against the wind is heavy. Yesterday was not all that bad, but much stronger than i usually get while running in Oslo. With this wind at home, I would become whiny. Here, you just have to take it. The wind eases a bit in the evenings, but then it is too dark to run along the roads. There are no streetlights on stretches with no houses, and the dark stretches are vast. Even though I just bought myself a new running vest from Craft, with plenty of reflective material, it feels unsafe to run the streets in utter darkness. My runs have to be done during daytime, and luckily that is no problem when your mission here is to just write for a few days. That work can be done in the evenings, and maybe also put in a strengthening session or two. I am not good at doing my strengthening work, I admit. This need to be a chapter of its own on this blog – the necessity of giving some muscles more sting due to old knee problems and a bad injury from last year.

But again: the wind. What you loose when you´re up against it, you do not gain when you turn around. Hence it is really tough to make long runs here – the wind is more or less heavy every day. I will give myself the privilege of shortening my runs while in Varanger, shorter than I would have done back home in Oslo. I do believe the effect will be the same or even better – you really have to push hard to move against the wind as strong as it is. And although hard, the pleasure of being so close to the elements is so grate – I am completely in love with Varanger and Kiby. You should come here sometime, if you get the chance.


Why a separate blog on running? (published September 20th, 2014)
This has been on my mind for a long time now. My experiences on running and NOT running (injuries, illness etc) is something I feel the need to talk about, but I am positive that a lot of people could not be bothered to hear about it. For someone not running, it is completely un-interesting. For people who run, or wants to run, it could be interesting. Hence: when I now consider to blog more frequently on this and that (mehappynoly.wordpress.com) I thought it was time to separate my running life from everything else. I have done the same on Instagram – I will no longer post screenshots of my Runkeeper log in my profile MeHappyNoLy, all remotely connected to running will be posted on MeHappyRunning. Most people don’t give a f… about my Runkeeper log. I get that. But for some – those who run, and loves to log their own activity – they know the feeling. Your log is important to you, as is mine. Yes, you! If you have read this far, you know what I mean!

So for now, it is all about gathering my thoughts and get some background info down in words – check out the “about” page for some history. For a period of 30 years I was told not to run – so yes, I have lived a few years. But a lot of people my age run, and some run really fast. I am not one of those at the top, probably more on top of the middle range. But my dream is to get into the bottom of the top range, and we should all set goals we need to work hard to achieve. We need our dreams!


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