My plan for training weeks 41 through 44

Being in the middle of the biggest “gardening” job ever – laying stones in my courtyard – I feel a bit stressed about getting prepared for my 16K run in Portugal November 2nd. BUT, when things are the way they are, I am handling this accordingly. I will not have a goal for the finishing time that can stress me out. My plan – before this summer – was to finish under 1:20, which equals an even 5:00 minutes per km. No, I think that will be impossible. I am currently trying to talk myself into a long termed state of mind – thinking more of the half marathon I´ll be running next September in Oslo. If I manage to keep the even 5:00 pace in a half marathon, I finish at apr. 1:45. That will be my goal next year. And for now – I will finish the race in Portugal with style, with my hubby cheering me on from the sidelines.

My plan for the next 4 weeks (starting monday Oct 6th – yes, in Norway we start the week on mondays):

WEEK 1, 2 and 3:

Altogether run a minimum of 50K – and I will do that by

  • running to work 2 times per week (12,5K per day = 25K)
  • one long & slow 15-20K
  • Interval training – total of 7-8K
  • one short & fast 8-10K

This is a plan that will give me a total distance of minimum 55K, maximum 63K. This will be the basic for the upcoming winter as well.


I will need to make my feet easy breezy at this time – and will also have some days off work that week – staying overnight in a tree hut with my hubby from wednesday to thursday, and leaving for Portugal on friday morning. I will be:

  • running to work on monday morning
  • spending tuesday evening packing for both trips
  • relaxing on wednesday evening in a tree(!)
  • training with my interval friends on thursday, but not doing the regular intervals – just some easy short and fast runs on the side. The social aspect of seeing my running mates before going to Portugal is important to me!
  • doing some really slow (SLOW) running to check out the start and finish of the coarse friday evening in Porto
  • relaxing completely on saturday (well, maybe do some shopping 😉 )
  • RACE DAY ON SUNDAY – start at 9 am sharp.

This sounds like a plan to me. Now I just need to do it. Good luck to me!



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