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And just as I was about to feel strong…

…I got a bad cold. Goddammit. Thursday was ok, had some “sensations” in my throat and felt that my eyes were a bit too shiny. I was still able to do my intervals, and feeling good about them as well. Saturday my body felt a bit worse, but I still got out to do my long & slow, and was able to put in 16K. My problem was that last week´s not so good start had me lacking 12K at the end of Saturday. So I planned for a session in the office on Sunday, and running there, to complete my 50K week.

But no.

Sunday morning I was not able to even think about running to the office. I skipped the office completely, in fact. The weather forecast said that the season´s first snow would come, so I had to do some tidying up outside – moving terrace furniture into the garage and stuff – but that was as far as it went. Other than that, I tried to relax as much as I could, to see if my body would recover.

But no.

Monday morning, feeling crap. Realizing that running was not an option, probably for the whole week. Tuesday morning, almost no sleep, feeling even worse. So now I need to change my plan a bit, and postpone the increase of milage planned for the week after next. The changes will probably not be very significant for the end result in April, but when it comes to continuity and the motivation that lies in such, I find it depressingly so. Significant, that is. For now I keep my fingers crossed that this pause will be for one week only. I want to run. Haven´t skipped an interval session for weeks now, so I don´t know how to let my buddies know. Hey, maybe they´ll read my blog 😉

It has been a few awful days, I have to say. My cold is nothing compared to the happenings in Paris on Friday. I have friends in the same neighborhood that the dreadful terror attacks happened. My friends are ok, but my heart cannot stop crying for all the lives that are lost and the families that are broken. Waking up on Saturday to the horror numbers was surreal. My beloved Paris, what was happening? I will go back there as soon as possible, to live my life free of anxiety and fear. I will go to concerts and cafés, and maybe join the Marathon. What this tragedy will do to the world and it´s dynamics, noone knows for now. But I am worried.

When you run, you have time to solve the issues of everyday life. You can think, rethink, and discover new truths many times during a long run. Maybe if more people were running, the world would be a less cruel place? More running shoes, less weapons.

I don´t know. But I know for sure that I will keep running, and I will always love Paris.

Never stop living. Always run happy. Let´s try to live happy as well.