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Week 3/23 – Nov 9 through 15

Time issues! I almost screamed the F-word yesterday, when I realized that 2 days of this week had passed without getting a run in. I hardly ever scream the F word, but you know the feeling.

I finished off week 2/23 with a 19,2K run Sunday afternoon, making it a total of 55K. Pretty pleased 😉 I had to postpone my Saturday run for one day, due to a wedding on Friday. Being my age, I recover slowly from party activities and desperately need my sleep. Hence Sunday, and a longer run than first intended. That made me skip running Monday morning, planning to run Tuesday morning instead. But came Tuesday, I had too many deadlines at work, so I got up extra early and jumped on a train to get some extra work in. Little did I know that I would extend my working hours in both directions.

I actually spent 15 hours in the office yesterday – life in my line of work can be hell right now, with everyone needing their budgets for next year. 28 clients, 28 budgets. Say no more. 15 hours, with only lunch at 11am, then two biscuits in the afternoon, before going home late in the evening and not eating anything, being so eager to sleep.

Result? I ran this weeks first 14K to work this morning, with absolutely no energy in my body. Slow got a new meaning. But hey, I ran. If I had not, my week of minimum 50K would have been in danger. The schedule for the rest of the week will be rather full, but I will get there. Intervals tomorrow Thursday, run-to-work Friday, long run Saturday. This means 4 days in a row, but only one session with speed work, so I am pretty sure I will be safe. I am a bit more worried about my planned visit to IKEA on Saturday, I have to admit 😉

I need to make this happen, and I will. Hell yeah!



The pleasure of a good run

After this week´s 2 crappy sessions, I was in no way sure on how I would handle today´s task – finishing a long, slow 16-18K.

Oh, the pleasure! I ran 11K before I turned to go back home, and only the last 3K felt hard. I managed to keep a somewhat steady slow pace, and clocked in at an average of 5:55/km. This is slower than my usual long runs, so I am pleased with that – it might sound strange, but my usual problem has been to not differentiate enough in speed.

Seeing the map, I realize how long a distance 22 K actually is. Feeling good about this.
Seeing the map, I realize how long the distance of 22K actually is. Feeling good about this. Actually, feeling GREAT about this 😉
Good distance, long duration, good slow pace and a hole lot of calories! My darling hubby made lunch while I was in the shower - what a man!
Good distance, long duration, good slow pace and a whole lot of calories! My darling hubby made lunch while I was in the shower – what a man ❤  I never focus on calories, but I sure felt hungry after this run.

The feeling from Wednesday, when every meter was a struggle, was gone. Now I just ran, and didn´t even think much about it. I am so happy – I was a bit scared to experience another crappy run this week, and worried about what that would do to my motivation. Now I feel calm and collected, and ready to move on.

I need to lay plans for the next 7 weeks – it will be important to get plenty of mileage to build capacity to run my next race strong. The race is in september, but in July/August I will spend 3 weeks on summer holiday, and I am sure it will be difficult to get enough training done when the weather is hot, and the family is lazy 😉 I get lazy too, you know!

So the next 7 weeks are important, and again – after the holiday there will be another 6 weeks before the race. I need to do some hard work to accomplish what I want – to run a sub 1:50 half marathon on my first try. For a (kind of) old girl like me that would be wonderful, I think. I am not sure I will get there, but for now I would like to focus on trying.

If you have any tip for me, please comment. If you want to support my efforts, please comment. If you have run long (and maybe even strong) today, please comment. I did not run all that strong today, but I did what I set out to do, and that makes me feel great!

Run long, short, strong or slow – but alway run happy!